Woman and Black Owned Boutique Law Firm Dimock Matthews, LLC Opens Its Doors

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Winning Attorneys Ready to Help Individuals with High-Level Family Law Mediation, Pre-Divorce Coaching, DUI Defense, and Plaintiff Employment Discrimination Matters

DENVER, February 28, 2022— Woman and Black-owned law firm Dimock Matthews, LLC launches bringing elite and specialized representation in Family Law, DUI Defense, Employment Discrimination/Civil Rights cases. The polished and elite legal boutique will provide high-quality strategies and next-level representation to Denver and Boulder area clients in limited civil and criminal areas.

As a Woman and African American owned law firm, Dimock Matthews, LLC will fill a gap in Colorado law by reflecting the diversity in the Boulder and Denver communities. The attorneys’ focus will include both luxury-level client service and elite legal representation. Clients can expect class, discretion, and expertise from their first encounter with this law firm.

Dimock Matthews LLC is committed to protecting the rights of Coloradoans through their blended civil and criminal boutique law practice that will encompass the following legal areas:

  • DUI Defense/Criminal Defense
  • Family Law Advising
  • Family Law Mediation
  • Plaintiff Employment Discrimination

Attorneys Whiting Dimock and G Matthews bring unmatched advocacy skills and a passion for enforcing the basic rights that our community has in family, civil, and criminal law. Although each case is different, what stays the same for the clients of Dimock Matthews LLC, is the firm’s focused representation of their client’s big picture goals. This is especially important to individuals that have prestigious careers or professional reputations to protect.

Although the firm serves the community in multiple areas, the family law advising practice area is a relatively unique offering. This practice area is not standard family law representation but rather, offers Coloradoans a chance to speak with a family law attorney-mediator about the questions that a person considering divorce in Colorado might have prior to filing a case. This flat fee consulting service allows Coloradoans that are considering divorce to drill down on what their family law issues are prior to hiring legal counsel. This helpful insight will allow people in Colorado to bring the smallest issues to their divorce legal counsel and the divorce court. It is a healthier, faster, and more streamlined option for clarity and resolution in family law situations.

The firm is headed by award-winning attorneys Whiting Dimock and Glen “G” Matthews. They have each led successful careers before combining their legal expertise into opening their new law firm.

About Whiting Dimock

Whiting is a powerhouse in understanding the dynamics of disputing parties and separating families. With experience and expertise helping people navigate difficult situations, she is a known pre-divorce coach and family law mediator. Whiting started her legal career representing companies in purchase and sale transactions at two prestigious D.C. law firms. Whiting also worked for an international commercial real estate services company on the sale and development of multi-million-dollar properties. Whiting then turned her career towards helping lawyers and law students enrich their careers and handle stressful, traumatic events as a career coach and law firm management consultant and then as the Dean of Students for the University of Colorado Law School.

About G Matthews

G Matthews is one of the leading black litigation attorneys with experience in both Colorado civil and criminal law. He had two successful careers before law school, one as a professional football player in San Diego and New York and the other as a high school teacher in Minnesota and Colorado. All experiences prepared him to be the competitive and efficacious lawyer he is today. G is an accomplished litigator with pristine credentials that include working with renowned law firms in civil matters, the District Attorney’s office as a criminal prosecutor, and most recently a member of the Colorado Attorney General’s office prosecuting civil and criminal fraud cases.

Consultations with the law firm are free. More information about the firm and its accomplished founders can be found on their new website www.DimockMatthews.com.

Dimock Matthews
3900 E Mexico Ave, Suite 300
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