Case Results

Case Dismissed – 29 ng of THC

Client, who is Black, was stopped for failing to stop at a stop sign. Officer later said client also crossed white line onto shoulder and failed to signal. Client admitted to smoking marijuana before driving, and Officer charged client with DUID. Client’s blood test showed 29 ng of THC.

We cross-examined the officer, pointed out inconsistencies in the officer’s statements, used video evidence to discredit some of the officer’s testimony, and challenged the state’s expert testimony on THC in the bloodstream.

The prosecutor dismissed the case against our client and the judge was required to order the records of this case sealed.

Case Dismissed – Refusal

Client had been drinking, and while driving home, pulled over and parked illegally to sleep in their car. Police approached client. Client refused to take any tests – no roadside test, no breath test, no blood test. We presented the prosecutor with evidence of an alternative reason for Client’s behavior and possible impairment.

The prosecutor agreed that they could not prove that our client was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and dismissed the case. The record has been sealed.

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